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About Us

Think of The Shed as a workshop for your body. Inside, you will find all the tools you need to achieve your fitness goals: spinning, circuit, Bodypump, BodySHED, TRX, and many more.

What makes us unique is we don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we DO take our workouts seriously. We feel that offering premier group classes in a comfortable, unassuming environment will provide you with a platform for achieving your best. Let’s be honest: Working out is raw. Working out isn’t pretty. So, if you can somehow make a monster SweatBeard look absolutely fabulous, well then, you’ll be right at home at The Shed. (What’s a SweatBeard, you ask? The answer is here.)

What To Expect

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, a video must be worth, like, a lot more than that. Check out this informational video put together by Tim O’Phelan (Minnesota Video Productions) and our very own Stephan Reynolds to get a flavor of The Shed.

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Unlimited Classes for 30 days

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Purchase the $99 deal and get unlimited classes for 30 days. This is an auto renew item, but you can cancel anytime! So, no long term commitment. Just an awesome deal!

*Couples are defined as any two individuals – married or not. So, get that BFF of yours to sign up with you and get a discount!


What is it?

BodySHED is a 6-week program that uses a mix of specialized forms of interval training that involve briefly pushing yourself beyond the upper end of your aerobic exercise zone with plyometrics, sprints, spinning and weight training. The short intervals of maximum intensity are separated by longer intervals of low to moderate intensity. This method is proven to use more FAT as fuel both during and after the workout. BodySHED fills up fast with many alumni wanting more, so don’t wait! Sign up here!!

When is it?

BodySHEDDERS will meet 3 days a week (M-W-F) for 6 consecutive weeks and you will CHOOSE 2 other classes to attend at your convenience. If you want to work out more than 5 times a week, you will enjoy a discounted rate on classes. Once completed, you’ll receive an exclusive discount to The Shed’s 30-day unlimited package (as long as you visit 10 times within the 30 days) and an online informational binder. Please note: a Polar H7 heart rate monitor and smartphone are needed to participate. If you would like recommendations, please let us know.

How much is it?

$640.00 ($50 off if you register before the Early Bird deadline which varies session to session but is always posted on FB, Twitter, our newsletter and in studio) includes:
3 mandatory BodySHED classes.
2 choice classes – any two classes of your choice offered at The Shed.
Nutritional guidance with personal trainer feedback, which includes FitCLICK account.
Before and after photos, fitness assessments, measurements, weekly weigh-ins.
Discount to additional classes at The Shed for $10/class.

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Contact Us

We are located on the second floor of the 2800 Building in Uptown, Minneapolis.
Above Hagen’s Auto.
For reference, Erik’s Bike Shop is another large tenant.

2800 Lyndale Avenue South | Minneapolis, MN 55408

info@theshedfitness.com | 612-502-3635